Boston Sports Club, Boston, MA

Certified Personal Trainer

Poker VT, Las Vegas, NV

Associate Product Manager

At Poker VT it was my responsibility to read into member feedback translate it and present it to my superiors to make educated marketing decisions. I also dealt with members in a customer service setting, catering to any questions and working through problems they may be having with the service.

On the product side of Poker VT, I cut and edited videos that were viewed by over 2,000 members. During video recording sessions, I co-directed shoots to get the best possible content and then coincided with my colleagues to get the best possible use out of that footage.

At Poker Royalty my main focus was client relationships. Working with some of the top names in poker such as: Daniel Negreanu, Phil Hellmuth, Scotty Nguyen, Zynga Poker and Everest Poker. I kept track of all social media, forums, blogs etc. and anytime clients were not on task, I was there to make sure they were. I took care of writing blogs for clients who were not Internet savvy, as well as, teaching them how to write them in the form that would agree with the terms of there contract.

After projects were agreed upon, it was my position to see them finalized. Working on projects ranging from 1 to 100 persons and people from all around the world. Clients I worked with ranged from the low budget casinos to high-end multi-millionaire professionals.

All bio’s for the company’s website came out of my office and those bio’s were used not only for the website but for six-figure sponsorship deals.

Poker Royalty, Las Vegas, NV

Account Executive